July 9th, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


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On effective HR
The function you really need. When a company grows, new people are hired quickly. But how do you ensure new hires are on board with company values? Usually this vital task falls into the hands of the dedicated HR department. And that's where the issue is: most fast growing companies underestimate or neglect HR completely, accumulating trouble where there should be a growth culture. "Best-in-class HR has a multiplying effect in a business unlike that of any other sector." - Inc.
Overcome Challenges
On Intuition
Follow your hunches. Have you ever had the experience of knowing a situation just doesn't feel right? That nagging feeling that something is off? Trusting your gut isn't hocus pocus—it's a science-backed skill that you can actively develop. This article in Better Humans explains how to get better at listening to your intuition and how to make it your competitive advantage.
Follow your Gut
On effective Meetings
'How's it going?' And other unnecessary questions. We've all been there: a recurring one-on-one meeting with a team member or manager that feels out of place. On the agenda: the same questions as every week. On the faces: disinterest, nervous glances at the phone, the occasional yawn. Stock questions might be effective once or twice. But ask them during every one-on-one, every week, and over time, the effectiveness of the question erodes. Learn how to ask the right questions via Signal v. Noise.
Ask the right Questions

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