September 17th, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


The Rise of well-intentioned technology.

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On well-intentioned technology
The Rise of Anti-Notifications. Through variable rewards, notifications became one of the most potent ways to keep people hooked. And while some people teach designers how to create addictive products, others are helping and advising companies on how to create products that respect people's time - especially in the workplace.
Win back your time
On personality assessments
Are popular personality tests useful for recruiting? They're a two-billion-dollar industry. But are assessments like the Myers-Briggs really worth their money when it comes to recruiting or are they just a nice self-assessment tool? Personality testing is booming with the increasing amount of office workers but research is painting a clear picture: they might not mean anything at all.
Are you who they think you are?
On optimal office space
It's official: open plan offices are the dumbest management fad of all time. A new study from Harvard reveals that this particular office layout decreases rather than increases face-to-face collaboration - while lowering productivity as well. A lose-lose situation that is costing companies billions.
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