May 21, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


Fed up with the hustle?

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On hustling
Tired of being told to work harder, sleep less, and aim higher? Great, we agree, so let's bury the hustle - "The hustle has become synonymous with the grind. Pushing through pain and exhaustion in the chase of a bigger carrot. Sacrificing the choice bits of the human experience to climb some arbitrary ladder of success. I can't connect with any of that." Read the article in Signal and Noise.
Bury the hustle
On personality tests
INTJ? ENFP? XXYX? YXYZ? The Meyers Briggs Personality test is used by 8 out of 10 Fortune Five Hundred companies but is actually one of the few personality tests with no supporting scientific evidence. Basically, it's bullshit. Read why here. "We all need to recognize that four letters don't do justice to anyone's identity. So leaders, consultants, counselors, coaches, and teachers, join me in delivering this message: MBTI, I'm breaking up with you. It's not me. It's you."
Break up with Myers-Briggs
On deep work
Did you send that job application on Monday? No? Then it's likely you won't get the job. According to science, there's a peak time for everything - including productivity. "It's insanely important to use your peak time, when you feel alert and excited, for projects that involve problem-solving, complex thought, and critical decisions." Thomas Oppong has discovered his sweet spot for deep work - and shares his secrets with us in this article in Thrive Global.

Optimize your deep work

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