June 18th, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


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On feedback
No feedback for females. Although companies have invested heavily in programs to advance women leaders, the number of women in executive roles hasn't changed significantly in the last decade. According to research at Stanford University, the reason for this could be feedback. Women are less likely to receive specific feedback tied to outcomes, both when they receive praise and when the feedback is developmental. This means men have a much clearer picture of what they're doing right or wrong, while many women guess into the blue.
Give proper feedback
On team building
What's in it for me? There's a lot of talk about how sufficient team building is the key to success. Yet when leaders or managers utter the words "team building," most people want to run for the nearest exit. So how do you create high-performance teams? According to Aytekin Tank from Jotfarm the key is team nourishment, rather than optimization.
Build a great team
On dysfunctions
How do you overcome company politics? We all hate them and yet we've likely all taken part in them: company politics. Patrick Lencioni has coached and observed thousands of CEOs and Fortune 500 management teams and introduces us to the 5 dysfunctions of a team which are also the root causes of organizational politics.
Overcome organizational politics

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