June 11th, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


What makes a great team?

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On training
Enable and empower all employees to learn faster than the world is changing - the mission of Spotify's Learning and Development team is simple. In this article, Spotify's Head of Learning and Development, Johanna Bolin Tingvall, gives us an insight into how Spotify approaches training employees for the future. Spoiler alert: it's all about growing as individuals and as a team.
DIY training
On team building
Does building the best teams mean combining the best people? Google's project Aristotle studied the performance and behaviours of hundreds of teams to find out what makes and breaks a successful team. The results are astoundingly simple: everything is connected to psychological safety. Read more in The New York Times.
Build a great team
On managing millennials
Only 19% of millennials say they receive feedback regularly. All employees want some type of feedback from their managers. But millennials might require an even greater amount of it than other generations. At the same time, they're less likely to ask for it. Gallup explores why and how managers can react to the need of their millennial team members.
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