July 16, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


Stay curious.

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On curiosity
Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Curiosity alone isn't going to make a big impact. But when you leverage that curiosity to create satisfaction — both for you and within your relationships — you'll find yourself not only building deeper, more meaningful relationships, you're likely to find yourself generating breakthrough opportunities as a result. Patrick Ewers for Better Humans.
Stay curious
On determination
Do this before you give up. Everybody tells you never to give up on your goals. It's easy to believe that you must stick to long-term goals through thick and thin, regardless of the effort they take. While grit is an amazing trait to have, the formula for success is not the same for everyone. Have you become so set on a particular goal that, despite considering other possibilities, it seems as if giving up and moving on is not an option? There is a healthy way for you to move on. By Elle Kaplan
Evaluate your goals
On training
Most corporate training fails - it doesn't stick, it doesn't feel relevant, it doesn't come at the right time. Andy Molinsky, a professor of management and psychology at Brandeis University, believes this is due to three main factors. "In the end, no one wants training to be meaningless or have little impact." Do these three things to improve corporate training instantly.
Train better

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