August 6, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


Bump up your skills.

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On impact
What do you get when you combine leadership with productivity? Impact. Are you dreaming of making a greater impact at work? Better Humans has selected three articles that can impact the way you make an impact - with direct, actionable advice so you can bump up your skills today.
Bump your skills
On team dynamics
How do you build effective teams? The Integrated Model of Group Development was first introduced by Susan Wheelan and has since grown popular in organizations willing to build high-performance teams all around the world. But what does the model actually entail and how does it work in context? Found in Innential Online Magazine.
Boost team performance
On stickiness
Most online publications serve articles between 500-800 words. This legacy from the age of newspapers has had a great impact on how online content is created. But is is still the best way to deliver content today? The BBC Research and Development department went beyond 800 words to develop new story formats that are more effective for Generation-Z users.
Optimize content delivery

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