August 20, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


Are you leading the group astray?

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On opinion leaders
Opinion leaders in groups can contribute to quick progress when a topic of their expertise is on the table. However, research now shows that the presence of an opinion leader can actually make groups dumber. "On average, opinion leaders were more likely to lead the group astray than to improve it." Read why in Futurity.
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On behaviour design
Even if everyone had their dream job, there would still be tasks that people dislike doing. Even though we know, if we don't go to the dentist our pain may get worse, many people struggle actually making an appointment. How do you motivate people to do things they don't like doing? Smart behaviour design is the key.
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On corporate training
A history of corporate training, a now 200 billion dollar industry, and how it evolved to be integrated in the flow of work. "While learning in the flow of work is not necessarily the solution for every application, it's coming fast and I believe it's the paradigm you should design around whenever you can." - Josh Bersin
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