SeptemBer 3, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


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On working effectivly
The more hours you work, the more you get done. True or False? The daily routines of some of history's most influential thinkers support the notion that knocking off work at lunchtime won't necessarily kill your productivity for the hours you do work. Work less, produce more via Quartz.
Get more done
On engagement
Is personality connected to engagement? This meta-analysis shows strong evidence that it is. By sampling 114 employees on the relationship between eight personality traits and employee engagement, researchers present personality‐based selection as a viable means for organizations to build a highly engaged workforce. Do you have the personality to be engaged?
Got what it takes to be engaged?
On working sustainably
Rihanna sings "there's something about that work, work, work, work" and a British study may now have identified what: a report, published by City University in London, analyzes micro data from almost 52,000 employees across 38 different European countries and concluded that all work and no play might just hamper your career prospects and damage your health.
Drop the hours

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